Yucca Powder - Reducing Ammonia Gases in Swine Housing

January 26, 2015

Long Canadian winters often have the unfortunate effect of helping to increase the concentration of ammonia gases due to the reduced time allowed for ventilation.  It’s well known that the addition of Yucca Schidigera reduces environmental ammonia and odor in swine production housing.

For many years Pro-Ag Products has offered DK Sarsaponin 30, a pure yucca schidigera product, for use in the Canadian feed industry.  DK Sarsaponin 30 comes with a CFIA Registration number with a claim for ammonia reduction in Swine confinement housing.    

DK 30 is manufactured by Desert King International, who has been producing pure Yucca Schidigera powders and extracts since 1978. Desert King is involved in the production of its own Yucca

Schidigera products and guarantees total quality assurance in both purity and effectiveness.  Desert King has completed numerous trials around the world, and provides assurance to the functionality, quality and traceability of their Yucca Schidigera powders. 

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