Recommended Truck Wash Sanitation Procedures

September 12, 2014

Using the right disinfectant is important, but using it correctly is just as important. Especially in these times where herd health is in constant battle against various diseases, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your disinfectant is applied properly. One question we are often asked relates to dilutions levels of the disinfectant but rarely related to the time required to disinfect and ensure proper coverage. 

The following recommendation deals with the time required to properly wash a livestock trailer.

Recommended Disinfecting Times:

Straight deck, 53 ft. trailer: 7 minutes – 35 gallons water – 18 ozs disinfectant @ 1:256 dilution

Double decker, 53 ft. trailer: 12 minutes – 60 gallons water – 30 ozs disinfectant @ 1:256

Triple decker, 53 ft. trailer: 18 minutes – 90 gallons water – 45 ozs disinfectant @ 1:256

  • Calculations are based on water volume of 5 gallons per minute
  • If trailer is dry a 1:256 Synergize dilution is sufficient
  • If trailer is wet a 1:128 dilution is recommended as standing water will have an extra dilution affect.


For more information on a complete protocol for trailer and barn disinfecting from the maker of Synergize Disinfectant, please call Pro-Ag Products Ltd. at 1-800-806-2737.